We're improving health through better nutrition.

Disease-related malnutrition

Our founding story

As a clinical dietitian, Jemima felt so thinly stretched during hospital rotations that she hacked together the first version of a clinical productivity tool, which allowed her and her colleagues to treat more malnourished patients.

Josiah and Ray have experience with creating successful software products. Ray previously co-founded a crypto- and AI-focused asset management startup, where Josiah was the product manager.

What we're building

We’re creating AI-enabled productivity tools that help healthcare professionals prevent and treat hospital malnutrition. NutriLeap screenshot


Jemima Meyer, RD

Chief Research Officer

Josiah Meyer


Ray Botha



Dr. Kunj Patel

Co-founder/CTO, SafeBeat Rx

Meagan Moyer, RD

Experienced Nutrition Director

Dr. Tumelo Matlala


Alex Hart

Ex-VP, Vive Collective

Dennis Jansen

User Experience Specialist